Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen

Spiritual Master Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen
Spiritual Master Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen has attained the highest form of wisdom. His mission is to unfold this state of mind to human beings under his guidance. Being an emanation of Nature, He is in communion with the prevailing Energy governing the planetary system. Yogi is his own Guru; His vast scientific knowledge on Spirituality, on the structure of the human condition and on the Environment originate from Nature Herself. He operates in accordance to the natural laws which He regularly imparts to the community via talks on spiritual teachings, Yoga and Meditation as well as various wellness therapies.
He lays special emphasis on the adoption of Spirituality as a philosophy of life as it is based on the laws of Nature and the Cosmic Energy. The result of this lifestyle is the gradual disengagement from unproductive thoughts and practices which imprison the mind both at the individual and collective level, resulting in the lopsided world that we are all presently living.
Yogi Tamby’s Spiritual dogmas encourage critical thinking, positivity and the use of our innate common sense. They are tools which will propel Man to come out of his preconceived ideas, which have been established for millennia, and consequently be able to question the meaning and the essence of his life. In so doing, he will unearth his true self and will discover what truly brings him fulfillment. This is the first step towards human evolution.
A Spiritual Master, here in the person of Yogi Tamby, is to make us aware of the real workings of Nature and what She expects from us. He helps us in discovering our real self so that we have a solid foundation to live a worthy life.
In a nutshell, following the Spiritual path also means that people will think good, do good and finally be good towards themselves and all of Nature’s creations. As a result, the individual elevates himself to a higher spiritual level and in the final analysis when all individuals in a community are elevated, the community itself is elevated to effectively engender social, economic, cultural and environmental advancement.
As an Energy Healer
Yogi operates through Energy healing therapies. Such healing techniques, which are highly scientific in nature, positively attain specific parts of the body which need to be cured and restored back to health. Energy Healing transcends the medical arena; it is a science beyond human understanding. Yogi has cured various diseases, deemed incurable, such as cancer, urea, lupus, diabetes, hypertension, asthma to name a few. Distance healing is another aspect in his plethora of healing as he can transmit restorative Energy anywhere around the world.
Testimonies on his unique capacity to cure are regular in the Mauritian press and now on the social media. Such testimonies are not publicity based but rather emphatic recognition for having tasted hell and having been cured and given a second life by the healing power of Yogi.
A Yoga Master
Yogi Tamby teaches the origin of Yoga, initially called Yogam. His Yoga is Nature inspired and not based on any book or anyone. The Yoga acts as a link between the Energy of the cosmos and human beings, creating a portal towards attaining the right meditative state. This is the reason why the Yoga which Yogi imparts is different from the common Yoga we see today; Yogi has the encyclopedic knowledge of the art of Yoga. However, people are today practicing only a few postures of this lost art as no one else has such in-depth knowledge.
His unique Yoga includes the practice of breathing technique, asanas, meditation and relaxation. It impacts significantly on shaping your figure provided you practice it regularly. His Yoga revives all the muscles throughout the body and helps to gain flexibility; you breathe better and your whole system works better, which facilitates the elimination of toxins. More importantly, his Yoga is a shield against the vicious form of mental stress provoking depression or physical sickness as well as weight gain. After a yoga session with Yogi, you feel restored and rested.
It is important to note that there is an exchange of Energy which takes effect during a Yoga session; the students osmose the negativity and sickness of the teacher and conversely the teacher take up the negativity of his students. This is why only a real Spiritual Master can teach Yoga as his students will take in his already accomplished virtues, as a real Master has an enlightened soul, while He has the ability to barricade himself against the negative vibes of his students.
Meditation and Relaxation
People are in the quest for sustained happiness, well-being and mental peace. It is only through meditation can a person achieve such ideal mental state. Meditation liberates the mind and sweeps you away in an ocean of inner peace. It is the finest technique to disconnect from the unwieldy mind and submerge into your pure conscience.
Yogi’s mantras help you to remain positively focused and uncoil all negative thoughts buried in your mind. It is only through the gradual silence and tranquility that you can communicate directly with the cosmic energy. A successful meditation gives you an unparallel and absolute mental peace. It triggers your willpower to develop your positive qualities and have a firm control over your emotions.
He strongly advises his patients to practice his sessions of Yoga alongside their treatment as Yoga and meditation complement the healing process.
His philosophy of Veganism
‘Killing for eating’ is most unethical to Spiritual values. Energy does not permeate a body which has consumed animal products, bearing in mind that we are a mass of Energy. Meat eating goes against Spiritual lore due to the intense suffering implicated. An animal is born so as to evolve into a higher being. Killing and eating it becomes a desecrate act.
On an economic level, people are bound to go vegan as our planet will have to feed more than 10 billion people by 2050. Meat industry is a heavy consumer of land, water, grains and vegetations thus threatening the food security of the world population.
Yogi strongly advocates for veganism to first of all ban all forms of animal cruelty and secondly to counter all the malaise animal protein engenders.
Spirituality as a lifestyle
He advises his patients and the community to adhere to the virtuous cycle of a Spiritual, Yoga and Meditation path and finally a vegan diet to re-align the system to the cosmic Energy, whereby the stress and the incidence of health hazards are considerably lessened.
He frequently lectures on Spirituality as the way of living for this millennium. Negativity is the common lot nowadays and is the source of all problems facing humanity individually and collectively. By shifting from negativity to positivity under the guidance of a Spiritual Master, we can create a better world for the coming generations.
Yogi Tamby’s scientific teachings, natural remedies, Yoga postures, Meditation, Mantras and breathing techniques are the secrets for a good life. Yogi’s Energy is felt when you embrace these secrets of life in your daily routine. They are the ultimate combination towards quieting the mind while bringing us closer to a state of grace and the Divine Energy.