Spiritual Master Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen

Spiritual Master Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen has attained the highest form of wisdom. His mission is to unfold this state of mind to human beings under his guidance. Being an emanation of Nature, He is in communion with the prevailing Energy governing the planetary system. Yogi is his own Guru; His vast scientific knowledge on Spirituality, on the structure of the human condition and on the Environment originate from Nature Herself. He operates in accordance to the natural laws which He regularly imparts to the community via talks on spiritual teachings, Yoga and Meditation as well as various wellness therapies.
He lays special emphasis on the adoption of Spirituality as a philosophy of life as it is based on the laws of Nature and the Cosmic Energy. The result of this lifestyle is the gradual disengagement from unproductive thoughts and practices which imprison the mind both at the individual and collective level, resulting in the lopsided world that we are all presently living.

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A philosophical aspect of Spirituality

Spirituality connects you to your own mind. It is the path of evolution as you are able to discover your essential being in relation to the Natural laws. Spiritual practices such as meditation, positive affirmations, yoga or musicotherapy develop your inner self and enable to internalise the profound teachings. As a result, you have a more realistic view of life.

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